Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween weekend

Happy Belated Halloween, readers! I hope you all had yourselves an amazing weekend, in costume or not. I was, of course, the latter. But even without costumes we had so much fun with cooking, baking, and eating! Saturday started out with a trip to the Grand Army Plaza GreenMarket, which was filled with kids getting a head start on dressing up and then another billion people stocking up on fresh produce, cheeses, breads and last-minute pumpkins. With my list in hand I got down to business and only picked up one or two unnecessary items because sometimes it's just too hard to pass up a beautiful head of yellow broccoli. Challah bread for the Pumpkin Bread Pudding, brussel sprouts to go with the couscous and some extra apples just in case when I was making applesauce. The unsweetened applesauce was of course for my most favorite treat of the weekend...spiced applesauce cake from Smitten Kitchen (pictured above for Sunday morning breakfast). The cake itself was delicious, but coupled with the cinnamon frosting, come on! Since I still have some of the applesauce I'm sure I'll be making another one of these this week.

Tony and I were at a dinner party Saturday night, with treats in tow, and I found that I am already going to have to contradict an earlier statement I made here. I now not only eat just turkey in the meat department. Our friends Mike and Jackie made us an amazing ham! It had such a lovely glaze and had been roasted with cloves, I just couldn't say no! With side dishes of cauliflower (the yellow included) and Kristin's Mac & Cheese we were all left totally satisfied. Thanks guys for such an awesome night!

For the day of Halloween I was so excited to be in Park Slope to see all of the little kidderoos dressed up and dress up they did! After I turned out a mushroom lasagna and rosemary cookies for the football game my friend Amy and I scooted down to the street with a bowl of candy. I'm never sure if anyone will come to our door (they didn't) so I'm so glad we got out there where all of the kids were. A couple of favorites: An amazing little Michael Jackson and a piece of pizza.

Later I'll get some more pictures up of all of the foods that came out of the kitchen this weekend but I hope you all got to see some awesome ghouls, goblins or Michael Jacksons and enjoy the last weekend of October because now we're getting into serious holiday season, hooray!!

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