Monday, June 6, 2011

new things

After the holidays I decided to ease back into the blogging world as I eased into 2011. We had a lot going on at the beginning of this year, a huge family vacation to Florida and turning 30 to name a couple and regular blog updates just seemed a little daunting. The beginning of 2010 had been really difficult so I just wanted to lay low and go with the flow for a while. Little did I know that big things were just around the corner.

February brought some crazy surprising news that meant putting the brakes on our fun blog. This is when we found out that we'll be expecting a new little addition to our tiny family in October. It has been a mix of completely overwhelming, exciting, scary and funny. Our thoughts racing from: Are we ready for this?, Where will we live?, Is it a boy or a girl?, Can I still wear this?

So clearly there is a new angle to the blog as it's one of the main things on my mind these days. There will still be some food and fun but also baby. We're getting really excited for our little monkey to join us and I hope you all enjoy these fun parent-to-be updates!

(Above photo by Sharon Montrose, from The Animal Printshop)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

martha's holiday craft fair!

Yesterday my friend Kristin and I (and our very loving husbands) went to Martha Stewart's Holiday Craft Fair to see what amazing items they would be offering. They had a range of vendors and some very amazing crafters! I am always amazed with crafty people and it was incredibly inspiring. There were great letterpress cards, screen printed bags, jewelry, scarves, and, well, everything. Even McClure's Pickles was there and we sampled some Spicy Bloody Mary Mix which was so tasty! One vendor that I was super excited about finding was Rifle Paper Company and I picked up a couple of holiday cards and some recipe cards, all of them were just what I was looking for!

Following up a great Craft Fair with a couple of drinks out with great friends made for a very nice Saturday!

holiday kindness

The holidays can be a wonderful time of the year filled with friends, family, food, music and good cheer. But it's not like this for everyone. There are those people who may not have a home to go to for the holidays or a warm meal to look forward to. But we all have the opportunity to help in any way we can. Some people donate money but when you're not sure if you can do that don't forget that there are other ways you can help too. Many places have food, toy and coat drives so be on the lookout in your local area. Below are a couple in the New York area and check your local grocery stores or Starbucks to see if they have a drop-spot for toys.

The New York Cares Coat Drive

Food Donations at The Food Bank for New York City

wish list

While I'm not a real perfume (for myself) or cologne (for Tony) person there are those items that catch my eye from time to time. A scent that can make you think of cozy times, firesides, red buffalo plaid scarfs, and big soft hats. I stumbled upon one last year that sounds lovely, "Walking in the Air" from CB I Hate Perfume, which is supposed to smell like snow. How awesome is that!? I know that there are many people who wish for warm weather and beaches but I love the cold and snow. I love the snuggly feeling when you watch it fall outside or walking around in Brooklyn once it has fallen and gazing down the beautiful blocks.

The second one that I recently came across is from Portland General Store and it is called "Maine" and the description sounds so comforting. They have other scents including Whiskey, Tobacco, Cardamom and others products as well. How is it that so many awesome products come from Portland, Maine?

I hope you're all having cozy weekends. I am, and wishing for some snow!

(Images from CB I Hate Perfume and Etsy: Portland General Store)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving wish list

Happy Thanksgiving readers! I hope you are all having wonderful, relaxing and food-filled days. I know that my day has been super busy prepping the meal but it has been a blast! My only wish list item today is that you all have a beautiful day and get to eat delicious foods.

Also, I wanted to share something from my mom. She has a blog, "Writing Out Loud" and just wrote an essay titled "Live Thanks" so you should definitely check it out.

Check back in the coming days for pictures from today's meal. Now, time to eat!

Monday, November 22, 2010

thanksgiving week

I don't know about all of you wonderful readers but I know that I am so excited for this week! I love Thanksgiving and everything that it entails. Friends and family and eating and drinking, what more could you ask for. It's also when I start to crank the holiday tunes (get ready, Mom).

You may remember last year when Tony and I hosted Thanksgiving at our place in Brooklyn and it was the first time that I was in charge of all of that food. Well this year I will be at it again but in my family's kitchen in Connecticut. I've been planning a menu with some new variations on good ol' standbys as well as some yummy treats we will never get rid of. And since there won't be a standard sweet potato casserole at this dinner I decided to make one for myself last weekend (above). It was so delicious! I will keep you all posted on this year's feast with pics and recipes!

Friday, November 19, 2010

being kind

A wonderful and new thing happened to me the other day. I received a comment on a post from someone I didn't know. I know of him because I have read about him and I wrote about him. It was Andy Smallman, the founder of the Puget Sound Community School, which offers "kindness classes." What a thrill it was to hear from someone that I wrote about. It felt amazing realizing that my words can really reach people (thanks Google Alert!). I have really enjoyed incorporating our kindness "assignments" and hope that you readers have liked it as well.

This week I am borrowing one from Mr. Smallman's course: Be Kind to Yourself. With the holidays upon us it is easy to eat too much, drink too much, spend too much, and to become exhausted with all of your social obligations. But sometimes we forget to care for ourselves. So this week's task is to do something kind for yourself, take care of yourself, before the whirlwind of this holiday season begins. A nice meal or a yoga class or a massage (doesn't that sound lovely) could be just what your body and soul need.

Be Kind!