Wednesday, November 3, 2010

more tasty pictures...

As promised I am putting up a couple of new pictures from the whirlwind of baking and cooking this past weekend. I was so disappointed when I realized that we didn't take any pictures of the gingersnap rosemary cookies. They were done on a whim and ended up being so good! The lemon butter I made to go with them, not so good.

The prep pictures were for the pumpkin bread pudding. I have never made a bread pudding before and have only started sampling them in the past couple of years. But I assumed that anything that combines pumpkin and challah bread has got to be awesome, and it is. For this dessert I made a maple whipped cream (1 cup heavy cream and then 3 tablespoons maple syrup from my friend's farm...and then more to taste) and toasted some pecans with cinnamon, such a lovely combination! The pecans also doubled as a pretty and yummy topping on the applesauce cake the next day for breakfast.

In the spirit of my friend Kristin's and my belief that a couple of drinks during recreational cooking opens up your creativity I decided that it was time to break open the Pimm's. It was, after all, a holiday. And though my Pimm's wasn't an official "Pimm's Cup" as I had no cucumber it definitely got the job done and got me in the mood to peel some brussel sprouts. I know what you're saying to yourself, "peel a brussel sprout...Annie, that's not what you do silly!" But to cook them up and combine them with couscous it's exactly what you do. And the leaves look so pretty all pulled apart.

It was all so much fun getting these foods together for our dinner on Saturday night. With all of this cooking I have been so motivated and inspired to try new things and when I get home I just want to make an awesome dinner! Once we get into the habit of taking pictures of everything made in our kitchen I'll be sure to share them with you.

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