Monday, June 6, 2011

new things

After the holidays I decided to ease back into the blogging world as I eased into 2011. We had a lot going on at the beginning of this year, a huge family vacation to Florida and turning 30 to name a couple and regular blog updates just seemed a little daunting. The beginning of 2010 had been really difficult so I just wanted to lay low and go with the flow for a while. Little did I know that big things were just around the corner.

February brought some crazy surprising news that meant putting the brakes on our fun blog. This is when we found out that we'll be expecting a new little addition to our tiny family in October. It has been a mix of completely overwhelming, exciting, scary and funny. Our thoughts racing from: Are we ready for this?, Where will we live?, Is it a boy or a girl?, Can I still wear this?

So clearly there is a new angle to the blog as it's one of the main things on my mind these days. There will still be some food and fun but also baby. We're getting really excited for our little monkey to join us and I hope you all enjoy these fun parent-to-be updates!

(Above photo by Sharon Montrose, from The Animal Printshop)