Thursday, October 28, 2010

let's do some good

A month or so ago I was reading a blurb in a magazine, Ode. Ode is a magazine that writes about good goings-on in the world and the people who make a difference, whether it be in a small community or on a larger scale. But this one "ode" really struck a chord with me. It was the "Ode to Andy Smallman" (read it here). Mr. Smallman is the founder of and a teacher at Puget Sound Community School in Seattle. From what I have learned so far, this is a truly remarkable school, with one amazing class in particular, "The Practice of Kindness." This is a class for anyone and everyone, available online, and the assignments encourage you to do good, be kind, and to reflect on it. It's such a simple task that we can all do everyday, but one that can be easily overlooked. So I thought we could try it! Every now and then I'll post a good thing that we can all do for the week. It won't be difficult and really, you'll probably feel great!

We can start small: For one week hold the door open for people and let people go ahead of you (I know, I took this one from the article). I can almost guarantee that you'll have a nice warm feeling about it.


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  1. Hi, I'm the Andy Smallman featured in Ode and just got a Google alert about your posting (I have one set for "Puget Sound Community School). I'm so pleased to see people promoting my kindness work. To learn more, drop me a line at New classes will be starting up in January, 2011. No charge to participate!