Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding Dress Blues

Quick post on my dress situation, which I will also be posting a picture of soon….maybe ordering online is not always the best idea. It seemed kind of perfect at the time but when it was a week before my wedding and I was just getting it and NOT how we had discussed…well let’s just say a different bride may have freaked out! But since this was a whirlwind of a wedding thus far and there was no time to worry about it I hurried it directly to the tailor and asked her to make what adjustments could be made. So perhaps there is a good reason for trying on dresses in stores and for fittings. But overall, things worked out, even if the train that I had not ordered is now destroyed by a good time!

Wonderful Wedding Weekend!!

Perfect wedding weekend, check! Amazingly relaxing honeymoon, check! So sad that it’s over, check! We had the best wedding ever and the fantastic connections that were made among the various groups that were there was so enjoyable to see! Pictures will be put up soon! We were so lucky for the whole weekend, the rain held off for the ceremony and then there was a perfect drizzle to cool off the overheated dancers who stepped outside for some fresh air. As for setting up, Saturday was such a beautiful day for the early parts of the afternoon and our wedding party and other helpful participants all pitched in to set up the entire event. The caterers arrived prior to the ceremony and continued with the preparations and by the time the pictures and cocktail hour were over and the guests were lead to the tent the food was out and looked amazing! I wish I could catalog each and every moment but as most brides recount the evening…it was kind of a blur! An amazing and fun blur! As soon as we receive our pictures from our photographers, the wonderful Mike and Jenny Wilson, they will be up and I will be more able to note each and every aspect.

Not only was it an amazing wedding and I’m so happy to be married to Tony now, it was also a success in terms of Green Plan-It! It was officially our first event and now I can’t wait to plan our next one! The thrill and excitement of creating the look of the event along with the satisfaction of organizing and planning felt great. I’ve told some people that I feel naked without my wedding binder and it’s true. I loved constantly touching base with vendors and creating inspiration boards for what we wanted the feel of the wedding to be. I can’t believe that it’s over….or rather, just beginning! Stay tuned!