Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trying Something New...

My dear readers,

My abundant apologies for my time off from the blog! For me these past few months have been a time to reassess and think about what's happening with my life and is this what I really want to do? What I have realized is that the blog has been such a wonderful outlet. Sure it strayed from it's original mission but that's where I had the most fun. Do I love weddings and events and all of these beautiful wonderful things? Of course! Do I necessarily want to do them for other people...ehhhh...maybe no.

I was swept up and just went along for the ride for a while. All of a sudden I thought "Wait! What ride is this?? It's this crazy upside-down wild roller-coaster when all I was looking for was the carousel! Crap!" So now I'm off and on solid ground and figuring things out. Now that things are a bit clearer I feel I can continue blogging (really by taking a break I was trying to save you all from the mayhem).

So as it turns out, Green Plan-It isn't about events's about me.

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