Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Happy!

I'm so sorry for the lapse in posts my readers! I've been completely preoccupied recently with a surprise event and I knew I would just want to write about the, alas...I had to refrain from some posts!

This past weekend was my husband's 30th Birthday! And a surprise it was (thankfully). After being able to keep various plans from him for the past couple of weeks I was finally able to let them all unfold.

The first surprise came Friday with his parents coming to town to celebrate their son's important day. Next came ice skating. Tony.Loves.Hockey! It was the least I could do on such a milestone to get a little ice time. Finally, after a little pizza and drinks at our apartment we hopped on over to Larry Lawrence Bar, which I must say was perfect! Larry Lawrence is in Williamsburg and not only was everyone there so helpful and accommodating but the space is just so great for large parties.

Finally came the actual Birthday day...Sunday, which we celebrated by having lunch with his family and mine and it was just a simple lovely day.

Happy 30th Birthday, babe! Love ya!

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