Sunday, December 5, 2010

wish list

While I'm not a real perfume (for myself) or cologne (for Tony) person there are those items that catch my eye from time to time. A scent that can make you think of cozy times, firesides, red buffalo plaid scarfs, and big soft hats. I stumbled upon one last year that sounds lovely, "Walking in the Air" from CB I Hate Perfume, which is supposed to smell like snow. How awesome is that!? I know that there are many people who wish for warm weather and beaches but I love the cold and snow. I love the snuggly feeling when you watch it fall outside or walking around in Brooklyn once it has fallen and gazing down the beautiful blocks.

The second one that I recently came across is from Portland General Store and it is called "Maine" and the description sounds so comforting. They have other scents including Whiskey, Tobacco, Cardamom and others products as well. How is it that so many awesome products come from Portland, Maine?

I hope you're all having cozy weekends. I am, and wishing for some snow!

(Images from CB I Hate Perfume and Etsy: Portland General Store)

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