Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prep Work

Here are a few images of our prep work done before Saturday night's festivities. But I can't even tell you all about it without first giving full credit to my two amazing partners who I got to plan with: Krista and Nora. From the start, when we all sat together and decided to have a party, up to the day before creating cheese labels (Thank you, Krista)! I'm so lucky to get to work with these two ladies as we each bring something important to the table, Nora and her beautiful interior design, Krista and her fantastic graphic design (the logo she created for us will be revealed soon!!), and then me with my crazy love of organization and planning...we make a good team!

The top picture is our fridge prior to people showing up. I also need to thank my amazingly helpful sister-in-law who sacrificed her Saturday afternoon to come over and make all of these delicious and adorable red velvet cupcakes, thanks Christina! Who knew that a fridge full of beer and cupcakes could look so lovely.

Second is the table prior to cheeses and pairings. The lighting was so great that evening. Nora and I strung lights around the apartment a few days prior and it worked out perfectly!

The last image is a close-up of the table, also prior to being fully set. Doesn't the cheese look so beautiful (and that label)!

A few other thank you's before I sign off for the Mom and Angelo for coming to join us and for bringing extra mason jars, candles, and wooden discs...and to my amazing husband, Tony, who is not only totally supportive of this new venture in my life but also for being my go-to fella for anything that I needed leading up to the event.


  1. It looks so romantic and beautiful!!!! Great Job!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I appreciate the many thanks. Thank you to you ladies as well, always a pleasure!

  3. Cupcakes and beer -- what's not to like!