Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Cheese...

Even though I have always wanted to go to Murray's Cheese, a place I've imagined as both completely magical and dangerous, I only went for the first time two weeks ago.  Nora and I went to fill out our menu for our event.  A very helpful fellow there walked us through some of the cheeses we should get...which ones were good for an adventurous crowd and which ones to get if people aren't as adventurous (me).  Now mind you, as a lactose intolerant individual it is only mildly embarrassing to be popping dairy pills in the middle of a cheese emporium...but totally worth it!  

Here's what we ended up with:  English Tickler (a cheddar and a huge hit!), Gorwydd Caerphilly (raw cow's milk), Zimbro (a creamy sheep's milk), Le Chevrot (goat cheese), and St. Nectaire (a raw cow's milk). 

Since we were purchasing with multiple people and pairings in mind we wanted it to a be a wonderful, well-rounded selection.  However, I'm so looking forward to going back and just tasting and stocking up on all of my favorites (mmm....more Tickler)!


  1. right! When is your next party? Oh, wait - is it my Derby Party??