Sunday, January 10, 2010

I wanted to write a little bit about food today. It's a chilly day out and right now I would love some fries and cider donuts! So I thought I would share with you all some pics of the food from our wedding, courtesy of our friend Larry. We were so lucky to have a friend at the wedding who is also a rocking photographer! So here are some pictures of the amazing food that we had, provided by Jordan Caterers in Connecticut. They totally got what we were going for...cozy comfort food, including fries, mac and cheese, sliders, salmon skewers, etc. They also commissioned the cake which was apple spice to go with the season with twigs placed in it for a beautiful natural look. And of course the donuts....ahhhh, cider donuts! So incredibly tasty and from March Farms which was right around the corner from the wedding (they also provided amazing pies). They were such a hit, even when the party shifted back to the hotel and everyone shoved some donuts into their pockets for the ride. Should you ever be in CT you should definitely go there!! I also included a pic of the bubbly and candy table for good measure to show all of the sweets that we had.

We got so many complements on the food because it was simple and easy but oh so good!!!

Many thanks to Jordan Caterers, March Farms, and of course Larry for taking such awesome photos!

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  1. Well, now you're just making me hungry! I LOVE remembering all that good food!