Saturday, November 28, 2009

She Said Yes!

Last weekend was apparently "Let's Get Engaged" Weekend!  I had a feeling that one of my closest friends was going to be getting engaged and I was at the edge of my seat all day.  I've been hearing little hints about it happening from my own husband and from Krista herself.  I wasn't sure how it was going to happen but I knew it was supposed to happen before Thanksgiving.  When she told me Friday that her weekend plans included a trip to the Empire State Building my jaw dropped and I knew that I would have to have my phone glued to me all of Saturday!

Saturday was also the day that my mom was visiting and first stop was Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Station.  I don't know the complete history of this place but my mom does and she's always wanted to stop in for a cocktail and last Saturday at 3pm she headed there to wait for me.  This place is beautiful and more people should spend there time here either before catching a train or as soon as they arrive in Manhattan, or at any other point.  It feels very Old New York.  It felt even more like that while I sat there sipping my Pimm's Cup and taking it all in.  Much to our surprise, this place was packed...with a surprise engagement party!  After we moved from the bar to our seats the happy newly engaged couple entered and all of Campbell Apartment, including my mom and I, started clapping and tearing up!  How amazing to be in a place with such history and such happiness.  Sure the couple would look around and see all of the people they love and then my mom and I, complete strangers, but we still had a fantastic time.  We were engagement party crashers!

We then traveled uptown to visit with one of my mom's friends from college and I continued to check my phone constantly, waiting for a sign that Krista too had gotten engaged.  It wasn't until later in the evening, around 9pm, that I got a text saying "U knew."  YES!  And he did it in a perfect way!  No, it ended up not being the Empire State Building.  Instead it was MOMA, Krista's favorite museum.  After I got to speak to her on the phone I proceeded to call our friend Nora so we could share our happiness.  And wouldn't you know it, one of Nora's friends from her home in Maine got engaged the very next day!

It's such a fantastic weekend when you get to share in the joy of a couple who are so excited to start their life together.  And an even better weekend when you get to share in several couples' joy.  I, of course, am also super excited about all of the planning that we're going to embark on soon.  Tony and I had Krista and Eddie over the next day for a bottle of champagne and we were the first people they had seen since the engagement.  That giddy happiness when the girl can't really stand still and just keeps smiling, and the guy looks so relieved because he's been planning this for such a long time and in the end...she said YES!

Congratulations Krista and Eddie!  I love you guys!!!

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  1. Willis! This is adorable and awesome! I love your description of me the next day....I wish I could bottle that feeling and share it with everyone! Soooo exciting! I look forward to some serious planning but after a weekend with the future in laws I am a little scared.....turns our father of the groom is silly excited....very cute...and stressfull!