Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The "Un-Bride"

So for the first day of blogging we're going to keep the ball rolling...another post it is!

I have found that this short time frame has made me quite "un-bride" like. Per the usual checklists, guidebooks, etc. you are given a timeline. This timeline can include when to really kick your workouts and diets into high gear...when to have your dress by so it's all set for the many fittings you may get the picture. I have been doing mostly the opposite of these tasks.

It began with the dress, which mind you readers, I still have not seen in person. But before I continue I think I must first note the Importance of Shopping Etsy! For those of you who don't know not read the rest of this post, go directly there: I have found the most amazing items through this site! But back to the dress. It's being made by Etsy designer Sarah Seven. She has the most beautiful, etheral pieces and I knew one of them had to be my gown. I won't mention what it is or put a link to it as the soon-to-be-groom does check this from time to time and I have promised to not disclose anything about it! But yay! I had found my dress! Snag! The designer usually needs 6 months to make it and my wedding is only 3 months away! Long story a little shorter. She did it and it will be here next week (2 weeks before wedding - yikes!)

The other "un-bride" like activity is my diet. I read over and over on said checklists about when to give up vices, snacks, sweets...carbs! Like hell! I looked down at my tex-mex leftovers and apple crumb pie with ice cream two nights ago, turned to Tony and just laughed. I felt I was the picture of "What NOT to do Three Weeks Before Your Wedding!!" But our timeline has shifted from the norm and therefore all things that you're "supposed" to do are out the window!

I wanted to share this with all you other soon-to-be-brides out's okay to throw the checklist and guidelines out every now and then and just enjoy the fun of getting married! It's a crazy and hectic time if you've decided to take it all on yourself (or even if you haven't). With all of the planning and calling and visiting and worrying it's easy to get caught up in everything. But the goal of these weddings is to be married and that's it. Everything else will fall into place. And in the meantime it's totally okay to be "un-bride" like.

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  1. Great post dear....So much more fun not worrying about "those" things!!